Book Hope





"Book Hope" is a book currently being written by Rev. Edgar Reich. A small excerpt from the book, along with the table of contents is listed below.






Excerpt from the autobiographical part of the book:



“We are without hope. If we stay we will be shot. If we leave we will freeze to death. Then her impulses took over. She must save the children. She quickly got together a baby carriage putting into it a feather bed. On the bottom of the carriage she put the house papers and farm papers. Finally she added two little children, a few pieces of children clothes and a little food. She covered herself with a warm coat but would it be enough? She opened the door to her house and a blast of cold air hit her. We are without hope she thought as she pushed the children’s carriage into the white crusty snow."






Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Between Moscow and Stalingrad



Chapter 2: Without Hope



Chapter 3: Pray that your flight will not be in Winter



Chapter 4: Apocalypse Dresden



Chapter 5: Hitler and the Jewish Nation.



Chapter 6: The Atom Bomb



Chapter 7: The American Sector – between Munich and Salzburg



Chapter 8: The broken Christmas Tree, Duesseldorf



Chapter 9: German Economic Miracle



Chapter 10: New chances in Life; Canada



Chapter 11: Mohamed, Buddha, Christianity



Chapter 12: Two Angels



Chapter 13: Largest Acquisition by an American Co. in the History of Europe until 1992



Chapter 14: Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder



Chapter 15: International Business



Chapter 16: A New World Leader



Chapter 17: Armageddon



Chapter 18: Jerusalem the future Capital of the World



Chapter 19: Intergalactic War



Chapter 20: Hope