The Process
  Please pray, and fast:  
  1. That America and Canada return to God, and obey His voice. Deut. 30 : 2,3 “----return to the Lord-----“
  2. Pray for personal Revival. Pray for a broken spirit and for a broken and a contrite heart. Psalm 51:17.
  3. Pray for clean hands and a pure heart, giving up all idols. Psalm 24: 3,4.
  4. Pray for Revival in your family.
  5. Pray for Revival in your Church.
  6. Pray for Revival for political leaders.
  7. Pray that God prepares the hearts of 304 Million Americans and 33 Million Canadians for Revival.
  8. Pray that God prepares the hearts of Pastors in the USA and Canada for Revival
  9. Pray that God prepares the Churches in the USA and Canada for Revival.
  10. Pray for Revival Leadership. That God would raise strong leaders in each city of America and Canada.
  11. Pray asking God to provide a Bus team and a Ministry team for the business man. He has been called by the Lord to travel from city to city in the USA and Canada.
  12. Pray asking God to confirm when the business man and his Revival team are to commence travel around North America.
  13. Pray for the business man to preach in city after city. He will preach three times in each city in African American Churches, after which time he will leave for the next city. On the second round trip he will preach in any Church.
  14. Pray for the local Pastors to continue the Revival in the city, and reaching the whole city, after the Revival team leaves.

The Holy Spirit has promised to come in Revival.

Pray with us